The Hyve Podcast

Using Your God-Given Talents

Episode Summary

God wants you! Yes, you - and He gave you special talents and skills which you can use to glorify Him and bless others. Jesse Zwiker emphasizes a priesthood of all believers and calls us to become missional entrepreneurs.

Episode Notes

It's a lie from the devil that church members can only do some evangelism in their free time. God gave you a talent - we believe many talents - and He wants you to use them for something beautiful. Yes, we need to surrender our lives and our skills, and that is often easier said than done. But we shouldn't  give up our skills in order to be a good worker for the LORD. 


Jesse Zwiker, president of Hyve, explains why God wants you, needs you, and is so excited about you and your skills. Learn about the priesthood of all believers, sanctify your talents for the work of God and become a missional entrepreneur! 


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