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That's Worth More Than Money

Episode Summary

Jay Razzouk is an attorney and owns ProSCALE Legal™. He shares what he learned from working with Fortune 100 companies and why investing into relationships and loving your clients is worth more than money.

Episode Notes

When Jay Razzouk worked for huge corporate firms and enterprises in San Diego, he quickly realized that lots of money was being poured into lawsuits, attorney fees and complicated court procedures. So he started his own missional business, showing startups and growing companies how to scale without getting into legal trouble. 

But by now, Jay is doing more than that. He's teaching his clients how to invent into healthy working relationship. He takes Bible truth and teaches secular businesses men and women how to selflessly love their enemy. And the outcome is fascinating...

Listen to his major takeaways, his advice on what (not) to do when starting a business - and how we can do a better job at loving others.


Jay Razzouk and his wife Wendy  recorded an 8-part documentary called "Unbroken Minds" which is mentioned in this episode. You can watch the trailer here.


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Jay's website: ProSCALE Legal™

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