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Learning to Live Dangerously

Episode Summary

Pastor Marcos Bomfim shares a wholistic approach to stewardship and introduces a new, powerful concept of generosity as missional entrepreneurs.

Episode Notes

Born in a ministerial family and saved from death by successive miracles until his third year of life, Marcos Bomfim started his pastoral ministry in 1986 as a district pastor in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since October 2015, he has been the General Conference Stewardship Ministries director, following his 16 years of work in the Stewardship and the Family Ministries departments at different institutional levels in the South-American Division. Currently a DMin candidate, his educational training includes a Bachelor in Theology, M.A. in Pastoral Theology, and a specialization in Family Therapy.

In this episode, Pastor Bomfim shares what the Bible has to say about stewardship. It is more than just giving X% of your income. Beyond that, he gives us practical and powerful reasons why we should change our paradigm and move towards a more systematic way of giving back to God. He calls that the "promise."


There are several resources that were mentioned during this episode.
1. Ellen White's book: Counsels on Stewardship, chapters 11 (p. 58-60) and 62-64 (p. 323-335)
2. Podcast episode (Spotify link): "Why and How I Became a Promisor" - The word "promise" stands for regular and systematic, or percentage-based offering.
3. Podcast episode (Spotify link): "Struggling to Trust - Why I Raised My Promise Percentage"  - Why Marcos Bomfim decreased his regular offering percentage, and how God mercifully and patiently led him and his wife to increase it again.


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