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How to Negotiate

Episode Summary

How to negotiate like a Christian - TV host, real estate investor and serial entrepreneur Geeta Chopra explains.

Episode Notes

In Matthew 5, Jesus told us to be meek. To walk the extra mile. To turn the other cheek. Yet He didn't call us to be a doormat. With this context in mind, negotiating as missional entrepreneurs seems like a difficult thing to do. How can we negotiate as Christians, not compromising on divine principles?

Geeta Chopra explains. She is a TV host, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, landlord and top negotiator. There are some key elements we can include. By mirroring the last few words the other person speaks, we show empathy. By being silent and pausing long enough to let the other person talk, we show humility and respect. Labeling a high price or a pain point right at the beginning also sets a bench mark for the rest of the conversation. And there is one question you should always ask at the end if you're not quite happy with the way the negotiation went...


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