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Healing Chronic Wounds

Episode Summary

Do you know how it feels like to have a chronic wound… that’s been open and stinking for 30 years…. and then now all of a sudden you’re using a spray that heals the wound? Dr. Rivelino Montenegro shares his most recent inventions.

Episode Notes

Dr. Rivelino Montenegro is an engineer, scientist and serial entrepreneur. He has led companies and international scientific projects in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, USA, Brazil, and Canada. He has also written books and given lectures in many countries and holds a PhD in Chemistry from the prestigious Max-Planck Institute in Germany. Dr. Montenegro is the co-founder and managing director of Monarch Bio Implants, a Swiss Biotech start-up developing technologies for prostate cancer patients.

On this episode, he shares how he became an entrepreneur in Canada and experienced major failures and pushbacks. God used him in a mighty way and Rivelino grew stronger in faith. He learned powerful spiritual lessons - and after trying and failing many times, he eventually experienced success on an entrepreneurial level. In 2020, his company Monarch Bioimplants received an investment of $23 million.

Listen to his personal story and learn more about his newest inventions and products!


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