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He Tripled Our Revenue

Episode Summary

Norbert Restrepo, president of Hartland, shares how God made his wellness center more profitable and successful.

Episode Notes

When Norbert reached out to Hyve, he just wanted to get some help for his daughter who was struggling with her vegan restaurant. After seeing how God turned that restaurant around within a few months, he didn't hesitate and hired Hyve to coach Hartland's Wellness Center as well. 

Up until that point, that wellness center had survived only because of generous donations and money from other sources. People were blessed and healed, but thousands of dollars were lost every single month.

Hyve stepped in. A sales person was coached, the prices were increased and various marketing strategies helped the business to become profitable. Not only that, they tripled their yearly revenue and now host twice as many health guests as before! God truly worked in miraculous ways. But Norbert and his team aren't done yet. Their goal is to keep expanding. This fall, they're starting "Madison 2.0", a program that educates current college students on how to start their own missional businesses.

Check out the wellness center here.

If you would like to support new missional entrepreneurs and get involved with Hartland, please email Norbert at: nrestrepo @ 

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