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He Made $50K in TEN DAYS

Episode Summary

Sebastien Braxton talks about his newest business Luminate and shares why he was able to raise $156,000 within 40 days.

Episode Notes

It's easy to start a crowdfunding campaign and ask people to contribute. It's not so easy to raise $156,000 in less than 8 weeks. Sebastien Braxton started a new project with his friends and was able to validate his  hypothesis: would people be willing and able to pay for an Ellen White app? 

It's not just another Ellen White app. It's a beautiful audio experience. 


Here's what Sebastien recommends:

  1. make a competitive analysis 
  2. figure out where you want to position yourself in the market
  3. build your financial backbone on at least two models (for example revenue and investors)


During this episode, Sebastien and Vincent talk about the exciting journey of this Kickstarter campaign and what lessons we can take from it. 

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